Internationalisation Agenda

Mission Statement

Samara State Technical University (SSTU) is committed to the purity of science, research and innovation. With a heritage of 100 years, SSTU has been a leading beacon and vehicle of technological advancement in the Volga region that provides an honest education for students of all backgrounds. At SSTU we maintain that diversity in each sphere of our composition is the key to breakthrough and produces the best results for humankind within the realm of science and academia. The success of the individual student is at the forefront of our global and domestic agenda by providing the necessary skills and knowledge in focused areas in order for our vast alumni to have the most optimum impact in industry, business and academia.


To develop our international portfolio through collaborative academic projects with our existing and prospective partners around the world, with great emphasis on BRICS member states. Through joint research, high academic mobility and industrial support, our university will be a leading provider of facilitating market needs in the areas with which we specialize. By raising the educational standard and technical brilliance of all faculties and departments respectively, SSTU will produce students equipped with directly applicable skills to the job market upon graduating from our increasingly vocational curriculum.


Our International Relations Department maintains that seizing opportunity for the student is of fundamental importance to realizing our vision. We raise student awareness of intercontinental academic programmes and moreover, we provide all the necessary administrative assistance before, during and after the application process. Through open dialogue with industry, we satisfy innovation by incorporating the latest requirements into our academic syllabus. Subsequently, this enables our students to truly specialize in the fields which they are attracted and have the most relevant experience upon graduation for their chosen profession.



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