Deadlines and Required Documents

Below are the list of documents, which Samara State Technical University requires in order for student applications to be processed by our own administration and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

  • Completed application form, with an attached colour photo (size 3 x 4)
  • Certified copies of ALL educational documents, translated into Russian and notarised by a certified solicitor in the home country of the candidate.
  • Certified copy of the medical assessment necessary for the Russian Federation Immigration Authority, issued by the official body of the home country. For information about the medical requirements necessary to obtain a valid Russian visa in your country please visit the Russian Embassy homepage by clicking here
  • Scanned copies of EVERY page of the passport (including front and back cover) with all data clearly legible to be emailed to: international.samgtu@gmail.com. In the subject line of the email please clearly state: PASSORT DATA
  • Copy of birth certificate

PLEASE NOTE: All required documents must be submitted electronically during the application process and prior to arrival. Inside of the Russian Federation ALL original documents must be submitted to our admissions department.

Applications will be open for review on June 19th 2015

The deadline for submitting documents is August 19th 2015



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