First and foremost the answer can be demonstrated by the fact that our university hosts over 16,000 students who chose SSTU.

From those 16,000+ students, which we accommodate at any one time, exactly 90% of them can expect to obtain employment with an above average graduate salary.

SSTU is one of the oldest universities, yet the fastest growing technical university in the Volga region.

With 12 faculties we are able to offer 79 degree programmes.

Offering such a wide course selection, encouraged interdepartmental cooperation aims to benefit the students’ research.

SSTU combines its century-old experience with intellectual innovation. Our university includes more than 70 scientific units and engineering centers, design offices and research laboratories.


Academic: In 2014 a new campus was opened to accommodate even more students and enhance the learning environment, which brings our building facilities to a total of 11.

Social:In 2005 a Sports Center was built in the campus area. It has a big sport arena, gyms and multi-media shooting-ranges, and a swimming pool. We are proud of our students' sports achievements. Our students have won prizes in local, national and global sporting events.

Sport Clubs: track-and-field athletics, fencing, karate, powerlifting, weightlifting, fitness workouts, aerobics, judo, chess, basketball, volleyball, rowing, swimming, boxing, skiing, football, Ping-Pong, shooting. Cultural Youth Center: drama club, dancing club, singing, choir, video shooting and editing, technical creativity, journalism, intellectual club.

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Academic Library of SSTU is one of the largest technical libraries in the Volga Region. Provisions include: 11 750 000 volumes plus a wide range of periodicals, access to an ever-growing number of electronic databases and resources, including access to over 100 computer workstations.

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