Why Samara?


A city which was closed to foreigners until only 15 years ago, Samara has steadily become an International city with heavy European influence, so much so, that in 2018 Samara will host a wealth of the Football World Cup matches. Samara is situated on the Southeastern part of European Russia and more specifically on the Volga River. The Volga, other than playing a very important role in the life of Samarans due to trade and commerce routes, is truly mesmerizing, and SSTU is situated within a minute walk from the very long and quaint Embankment.

On the note of social orientation, Samara still has a historical and Soviet touch to it, reflected in the architecture of apartment buildings and various monuments scattered around the city, albeit the influence of the West becomes stronger each day from music, film, food products, and nightclubs for a variety of tastes to local restaurants offering a diverse range of international cuisine. With this in mind, Samara itself as a city is very accommodating for newcomers with regards to adapting to life here. Furthermore, Samara has rapidly accumulated all the heavy artilleries of capitalism (fast food franchises, efficient infrastructure, import/export trade relations and centralized areas with hundreds of cafés and local bars all competing against each other in Laissez Faire – the free-market).


The weather here is quintessentially continental with the summers experiencing temperatures of 30-35C, while in contrast the winters are snowy (ranging anything from –10C to – 30C) yet each season is uniquely exotic. In contrast to life in Madrid, Rome or Lisbon, the afternoons in between lessons do not consist of siestas but rather more exciting ski sessions at any one of the multiple surrounding mountains and resorts, all within short traveling distance.

The Russian culture is very rich here and the people are genuinely friendly, sociable, welcoming to foreigners and highly hospitable.




Main building:
4443100, Samara
Molodogvardeyskaya street, building №244
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443100, Samara
Molodogvardeyskaya street, building №244
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